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End Of Life Care

Deciding when it is time to euthanize can feel impossible.  We think of it as a last comfort we can offer as a tribute to a wonderful life lived.  And just like we want for ourselves, we want our pets to be surrounded by love in the place they are most comfortable...home.  

How the euthanasia visit go:

Depending on how your pet is feeling, we often will give a medication into the muscle that allows them to relax with no pain or anxiety.  They may even drift off to sleep from it.  This injection takes about 10 minutes to take effect.  We will return to our car for this time so that you all can focus on each other.  


After that time, we will reassess their comfort level and often will ask you to be up by their head while we access a vein in a back leg to give an intravenous injection that will ultimately stop their heart.  The process is painless.  Our goal is for them to be comfortable in their own environment with their loving family close by.  At times, due to being so ill, it may become necessary to try more than one vein in the event that the1st one is too fragile.  This is uncommon and we certainly make sure no pain is felt.  


Once we have given the injection, the heart will stop after about a minute.  We will listen to their heart to confirm this.  We will then take our equipment to the car and give you a moment alone.  Then we will return to take the body on a stretcher or in a blanket to the crematorium.  We use Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematorium in Northboro, MA.  We will take care of everything unless you want a specific urn for private cremations, (508-393-0133 to review options special urns or special engravings on the urns.  They are wonderful and can handle all your questions.  You will pay them directly for any specialty items.   If there are no special requests, we will include the cost in our invoice and take care of communicating with the crematorium for you.  I have provided an outline of the pricing.  You will then be able to pick up at the crematorium about 7-10 days later either at the crematorium or in Hopkinton.

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