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There are numerous appealing aspects about having a veterinarian conduct an at-home visit and examination.  My favorite aspect is the relationship that such visits establish in such a comfortable setting.  The patient is generally much happier and relaxed at home, and I can observe how he or she interacts under normal circumstances.  Better yet, the patient doesn't have to wait in a stressful waiting room, or be exposed to other sick animals or bacteria/viruses that are unavoidable in a hospital or clinic setting.  During the winter, the patient (and its owner!) also don’t have to deal with ice and snow to get medical care.  When sickness arises, waiting in an emergency room for hours can be really hard on everyone and especially difficult if young children have to be brought along for the trip. 

One of the most important aspects that THIS particular at-home service offers is the same veterinarian EVERY time.  I think this continuity is imperative for optimal patient care and relationships.  Passing patients from doctor to doctor can be difficult for the owner and patient alike, and the quality of the medical care suffers.  Sometimes important facts get lost in lengthy charts and assessing changes is complicated when multiple people are conducting examinations and checkups.  Getting to know your vet is a very important part of keeping your pet healthy.  In fact, one of the best aspects about being a smaller town vet is that I can be far more readily available to my patients and clients.

                                                                                                         ~Dr. Surell Levine

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