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Bella recovering from surgery


The physical exam is an assessment designed to discover and diagnose ailments, ideally before they have significantly advanced, and aims to slow or stop progression of any problems found.  Prevention and early diagnosis provide the best chance for a healthy long life.  A physical exam is recommended every 12 months for dogs and cats under 7 years, and every 6 months for older dogs and cats.


Whether your pet is experiencing unexplained vomiting, limping, or just seems a little off, Drs. Levine and Macchi will work with you and your pet to figure out what is wrong and how best to treat it.  If further treatment is required beyond what can be done in the home, they will refer you to an urgent care hospital.  She also has a relationship with a local clinic for more complicated diagnostic tests and treatments such as x-rays and surgery.



We are not an emergency vet service, however, as a previous ER veterinarian, Drs. Levine and Macchi are well qualified and prepared to handle emergencies, some of which may be fully treated at home.  If a pet requires further care, they will refer you to a full service facility, including a 24 hour emergency facility.  The  closest is:

Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts--24hr hospital in North Grafton 508-839-5395, option #3.

Please do not wait to consult with us if you believe your pet is having an emergency.  Please go directly to the emergency room.



Offering at-home euthanasia is often a great comfort to an ailing pet and owner alike.  Drs. Levine and Macchi’s years of experience and sensitivities help alleviate as much stress as possible during a very sad time.  At the owners directive, we give a dying pet a sedative, place an iv catheter and then find a favorite spot at home to administer a medication that permits a peaceful death.

Forget-Me-Not crematorium in Northboro offers private cremation where your pet's ashes are returned to you.


Bella recovering from surgery

Each animal is different and has different needs.  Together, we will decide what vaccine schedule is best for your pet.


Lab Work includes screening for tick diseases , heartworm disease, feline AIDS and Leukemia, intestinal parasites, blood chemistries, complete blood counts, thyroid levels and urinalysis.  Most of these are recommended yearly depending on lifestyle and age.



Dr. Levine is USDA certified to complete domestic and international health certificates which are valid for 10-30 days depending on destination.  Some countries require a year in advance planning.


We work together with you to devise a plan to provide optimal comfort when diseases are too progressed and will no longer respond further to medicine.  This allows special time for saying goodbye.



Dr. Levine and Macchi works closely with a local surgeon and she also performs dental procedures in a local clinic. 


​​If you have a facility that has many pets, Dr. Levine can come for the day to see multiple patients.  This service has proved very useful for assisted living facilities or businesses where animals come to work.


Dr. Levine is certified in veterinary medical acupuncture as another modality to help dogs and cats.  Using small needles, she can relieve pain, help treat orthopedic and neurological disorders (incontinence, paralysis) among so many other pathologies in our small animals.  

Acupuncture enhances blood flow which allows nutrients and oxygen to gain access to specific tissues and also allows cellular metabolism byproducts to be carried away.  

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